Hi there!

My passion is to shoot, manage and edit video and photography content while concurrently engaging with a specific audience. I’ve worked for companies like Booking.com, Made.com, multiple lifestyle blogs, Club Med, De Telegraaf and various boutique hotels and retreats around the world. I love discovering what kind of content truly resonates with my customers. I like to uncover their drive, to reveal their authentic selves, but most importantly I hope to portray them in the best and most genuine way possible.

While my main focus lies in videography and editing, my work ranges from photography to advising on social media strategies on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. I’m an experienced content creator for websites and across a wide range of social media platforms. I love not only to create incredible content but also to ensure that it is distributed to the most appropriate audience and on platforms that are best suited to my clients.

Finding a client’s true voice and letting it resonate throughout all of their online and offline platforms is my main goal. I want them to feel like they’re seeing themselves for the first time and are represented in the best possible manner, to capture what drives them and to show their customers why starting their venture was the best ever idea.

For all of your social media content creation needs, video promotions, vlogs, or other collaborations please contact me on jasmijnvonsee@hotmail.com

Instagram: @byjasmijnvonsee
Facebook: facebook.com/jasmijnvonseeproductions
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E-mail: jasmijnvonsee@hotmail.com