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High quality video not only represents your value, but also causes you to automatically attract exactly the right clients.
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Real REels

Create your own high quality reels

Learn how to create your own high quality reels in 8 simple steps that convey your unique story without compromising on quality or spending hours on your phone trying to figure it out. Your shortcut to high quality social media content!

The Soulful
Video Academy

Online video course

Learn how to create your own high quality video content in only 2 months and position yourself as the go-to expert which results in easily attracting your dream client and income.

Video Boutique


I completely unburden you by taking all the work off your hands during the creation of your own high-quality online course / social media campaign / brand video / Event and much more. Safe time, take back your freedom and generate your dream income with high quality video content that tells your beautiful story and gives you that wow-factor you are looking for.

kind words

“Het is en is altijd een feestje om met Jasmijn samen te werken. Bedankt voor je energie, je rust, je overzicht en creativiteit. Het resultaat is meer dan prachtig.”

Anne-Claire Winkelhagen

Clairz Interior Design

“Jasmijn heeft zoveel magie aan de inhoud van mijn cursus toegevoegd en ik kan alleen maar zeggen: als je je online cursus of andere video-inhoud wilt opnemen die echt moet opvallen, dan is Jasmijn je vrouw!”

Christine Beijen


"in a world full of generic forms of advertising,
choose to truly connect with your client, make her dream and feel something that she has never flet before"

Real reels

Getting absolutely overwhelmed only by the thought of having to use video as your new go-to marketing tool? No need! I will get you on your way in 8 super easy to follow steps which will have you creating those cinematic reels in no time.

The soulful video academy

Longing for dreamy high end video content for your business, but not in the position to invest in a professional videographer just yet? Then this 2 month high quality video crash course is for you!

The Video Boutique

I will make sure to capture your story in a way that is as unique as you, to make you stand out and become the expert in your niche.

Jasmijn Vonsee | Videographer based in The Netherlands and Sicily

Soulful high quality video content

HI I'm Jasmijn!

I remember so well the frustration and hopelessness I felt when first trying my hand at high quality video. I knew exactly what my video shots had to look like, but it seemed impossible to achieve when actually having to work with the camera. 

But I decided to put my frustrations aside and give it my all. With lots of trying and continually failing I eventually came to a place where I actually started to love my work and soon after that my agenda filled up with video shoots for clients from all over the world. I could not believe it.

But I discovered something else.

As I was doing what I love (shooting for dream clients with super inspiring businesses) I experienced first hand what high quality video meant for them. All of a sudden I started receiving messages about how they regained so much more time and freedom from their online course I shot or how they finally got to attract that major client that they had always dreamt of working with. And that’s when I knew: video has the magical ability to make people truly connect and share their value with the world.

So if you too have struggled with the technical side of video and getting the quality of your videos on point, but you know that video is the answer to taking your business to the next level, you are exactly where you need to be.

 Let’s create some magical never seen before high quality videos, the easy way!

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Jasmijn Vonsee | Videographer based in The Netherlands and Sicily

“For every entrepreneur who is curious about high Quality video”.

Leer hoe je met je telefoon high Quality video content kunt produceren en zo jezelf te positioneren als de go-to-expert en je bedrijf naar een hoger niveau te tillen.