The 1 Day Video Boutique

“I will take everything out of your hands by creating your high quality online course to save you time, give you more freedom and revenue and which will be perfectly in line with the aesthetic and quality that you stand for.”

are you:

You are ready to enjoy more freedom in your work by shooting your own high quality video product and share you expertise with the whole world. 

Why use video?

Fast learning process

Research has shown that 83% of human learning takes place visually. It stands to reason that video learning is a more efficient use of time, especially for an audience with a short attention span (basically everybody;))

Video Quality

Viewers that see a great looking, professionally produced video unconsciously perceive your company and brand as more successful. They're also likely to stick around for the length of the segment, so they're hearing the entirety of your message.

credibility and trust

You can really position yourself as the go to expert what will make it much more easy for your audience to trust you and turn into paying clients

Jasmijn Vonsee | Videographer based in The Netherlands and Sicily

you are:

You are a go getter and everybody knows you for your passion and your determinedness when it comes to your business. You love your job but lately it seems like every entrepreneur is launching their online course and experiences tons of freedom while you feel like you are barely able to balance your business appointments, family life and a moment for yourself. 

You are ready for change.

You know what video could do for you, you see it everyday when looking at other successful entrepreneurs


You’re struggling to get the quality of your videos on point and not at all looking forward to spending even more of your precious time on looking for the perfect film location, figuring out the camera and weeks of editing. 

I’m here for you!

I’m here to take everything out of your hands, from post-production to editing of your high quality video product, so you just have to focus on sharing your expertise to easily attract dream clients and revenue while saving valuable time and creating more freedom.

What does the 1 day video boutique entail?

2x 45 min. strategy call with Jasmijn

We’ll start by outlining the content of your online course, talk about branding, what content your clients are looking for and what your business stands for. In our second call we’ll discuss the structure of your online course, video location and outfit suggestions. We will also walk through the timetable of our shoot.

Hand picked video location

I will search and give you a unique selection of locations to shoot your online course that are in line with the soul and purpose of your business. 

Personal stylist and make-up artist

Before our shoot you will receive styling advice and a shopping list from our stylist with outfit suggestions to acquire before the big day. On the day itself, your personal stylist will be present as well as your personal make-up artist, to bring out the most authentic and sparkling version of yourself to give you the confidence you need and make you look your best throughout the whole shoot.

Healthy and organic lunch

There will be a healthy lunch and some yummy snacks on site to keep you feeling energised throughout the shoot.

8 high quality video modules

We will shoot 8 high quality video modules for your online course that will be shot in one day and will be ready to use after editing and making sure that your branding and content is exactly in line with your business. 

Round of

After receiving the first version of your video modules you can share any feedback you may have so that the video modules can be adjusted accordingly. If there is anything else you might like to adjust after this round of feedback there will be charged an hourly rate. 

“It is and always has been an absolute joy to work with Jasmijn. Thank you for your energy, your tranquility, your overview and creativity. The result is absolutely stunning.”

Anne-Claire Winkelhagen

Clairz Interior Design

Video should reflect the uniqueness, the beauty and value of your business.

That’s why it’s very important to me that every video I shoot is exactly tailored to your needs. We are going to make sure that your online course will be of the highest quality so you can give your clients the content that they deserve and that matches your core values. Not only will you be able to separate yourself from the masses with high quality video content, you will also be able to effortlessly keep attracting the clients that made you start running your business in the first place, the easy way. Next to making your video modules match your standards we will also make sure that our shoot will be fun, creative and most of all hassle free. I know how important it is to get everything exactly right and the stress that comes along with it. But thanks to the way the 1 day video boutique is set up, you will have to think about nothing else except the content you would like to share with your potential clients. So sit back relax and let’s produce the online course of your dreams.

If you have any other wishes, like the amount of video modules you’d like to shoot or need help with finding the right structure for your online course for example, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m here to make your shoot as unique, personal and easy as possible!

Jasmijn Vonsee | Videographer based in The Netherlands and Sicily

What you get:

5000 euros excl. BTW
4800 euros excl. BTW (early bird price)