The Italian home retreat

Learn how to invest Italian property with ease and and avoid being missleaded or making a bad investment. 
4 days filled with masterclasses, great food, tips & tricks and beautiful excursions.

Do you recognize yourself in 1 or more of these statements?

You are ready to enjoy more freedom and down time in your Italian dream home in the country you love so much! 

why invest in Italian property?


Purchasing property in Italy is a good investment for a number of reasons. Firstly, Italy's transaction costs are lower compared to other European countries such as Spain or Portugal. Currently, the interest rate on properties is still at historic lows, which makes purchasing a property a very good investment.

low renovation costs

Italy provides a 'superbonus' tax exemption for buyers that covers a whopping 110 per cent of qualifying building expenditures. The kinds of business expenses included are for works like replacing the heating or air conditioning.

popular holiday destination

The favourable climate means that Italy is a popular holiday destination throughout the year. This means that you could have a very high occupancy rate and therefore a sizeable income if you rent out your property. If your property is located in a popular location, the school summer holiday period could be a particularly lucrative season.

You are:

Buying a property always comes with a lot of hurdles, but buying in Italy is a totally different ball game. Let us make the process effortless and stress free so the only thing you have to do is get ready to receive the key and realize your Italian dream.

“Jasmijn gives you a lot of confidence because she is very knowledgeable. Her experience has helped me a lot to gain insight into the whole process and Jasmijn always has an eye for possibilities.”


Head of education
musuem rotterdam

“The clear explanation of regulations. The tranquility you create and therefore the confidence within ourselves, it was just such an eye-opener. I’ve learned to accept the fear of actually taking the step to buy property in Italy because it’s just part of the experience and it’s very normal.”


location manager

“Jasmijn made our dream home in Italy come true and by sharing her experience and knowledge we have gone through this process without having to ever stress out or being afraid that we wouldn’t be able to find the right place for us. Her commitment and knowledge is incredible.”

Lea Sleijter


You are ready for change.

Turning your dreams into reality can be one of the most scary things to do and holds back so many of us from doing the things that they actually enjoy most in life. 

Therefore we wanted to come up with a solution to make this process a little easier and make people realize that being scared is one of the most beautiful experiences in life as it’s the thing that we are the most scared of that means the most of us and is worth chasing after.

To do this will we focus on several things during the retreat like:


what is included?

Welcome dinner & aperitivo

You will be welcomed by our in house chef once you arrive in the beautiful town of Sciacca. We will kick of our 4 days together with an aperitivo on our terrace overlooking the mediterreanean to then continue the evening with a delicious Sicilian dinner.

4 times local breakfast, 2 x lunch and 2 x dinner

Next to the welcome dinner we will take you to our favorite places for dinner, lunch and breakfast twice during your retreat. Next to that, we will be providing yummy drinks and snacks prepared by our chef during your mastercalsses and workshops. 

One 2/4 person luxury apartment

Depending on your preference we will be hosting you in our 2/4 person newly renovated luxury homes in Sciacca. The properties all have a magnificent sea view and are equipped with a full kitchen, spa like bathroom and crips linen sheets.

4 Masterclasses

These are filled with knowledge of speakers that will be hosting mastercalsses. Think of brokers, contractors and a notary, for example. Everything to ensure that you have all the knowledge to buy your home in Italy with confidence.
Subjects could be:

Which people should I contact to start the process?

What will come your way while buying and renovating a house in Italy.

How does it work if you don’t speak Italian?

Checklist for all the documents and permits you need

personal story

During the retreat Jasmijn will tell you her golden tips after years of experience in buying and renovating houses in Italy. She will also hold a Q&A in which you can ask all your questions. She will also be present during the Masterclasses of the other experts, so fill free to ask away as many questions often arise during your retreat.

2 excurisons & Cooking class

A trip to Sicily is not complete without a tour in a vintage Fiat 500 or pasta. We have decided to combine the two and go on an excurision to one of the most beautiful cliffs near Sciacca where you will also visit a ancient amfitheater. Our chef will also organize a in house cooking class so you can bring a little bit of Sicily to the table once you return home. The cooking class will take place on our rooftop terrace while enjoying a locally produced prossecco in hand!

“An incredible chance to gain insight into the entire process of buying a house in Italy step by step. Jasmijn explains everything crystal clear in a calm and pleasant way, while being accompanied by other experts. Highly recommended!”

Freek Pompert


all the information and knowledge you need to succesfully invest in italian property

In the 4 days that we are together Jasmijn will eleborate on her own experiences from the last three years and share all her tips and tricks and answer your questions, while we will also bring in several experts in the field like realtors, architects, construction workers and lawyers who all play a major role in the process of buying and renovating property.

In these 4 days we will take you on a journey and make you think about things like: what is the purpose of the house? Will it only be a holiday home or do you want to rent it out full-time? From there we get to work and I take you through a simple step-by-step plan in which everything is covered. From A to Z. So that you know exactly what to do when you view/buy/renovate your home in Italy.

Let's embark on this journey together

After years of traveling the world as a filmmaker, I settled in a romantic village on the coast of beautiful Sicily. Here I single-handedly transformed three ancient ruins between old castle walls into a true design palaces in less than 6 months each. I rent out and sell these properties to people who have the same dream as I did three years ago. I get them to stop fantasizing about “what if…” and instead help them instantly realize their dream without having to worry about Italian bureaucracy or renovation through retreats and courses. During our retreats I teach you together with other experts from the field, everything you need to know about securely buying and renovating Italian Property.


(Valid until 20/06/'23)

3999 Maandelijks
  • Welcome package
  • 1 Luxury apartment
  • 4 Masterminds
  • Q&A Jasmijn
  • 2 Excursions
  • 4 x Local breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • 1 Cooking class

(Valid until 20/06/'23)

  • Welcome package
  • 1 Luxury apartment with 1 friend/family member
  • 4 Masterminds
  • Q&A Jasmijn
  • 2 Excursions

  • 4 x Local breakfast, lunch dinner
  • 1 Cooking class

“Jasmijn is a true professional and turned the whole process literally into a dream. I struggled so much with deciding where to invest in a home in Italy, but after coming to Sciacca and seeing the incredible properties they have realized, I was immediately convinced of the place and the home. Thank you for everything!”

Lara Severs

Business owner