Sicilian Stories Video Retreat

Five days of learning how to produce high quality videos on Sicily, to regain the freedom in your work and private life by attracting the clients and revenue of your dreams.

are you:

You are ready to attract more dream clients and revenue without having to work 5 days a week by producing your own high quality videos in a fun and above all stress-free environment. 

Why start with video now:

Jasmijn Vonsee | Videographer based in The Netherlands and Sicily

Greater credibility and trust

You can really position yourself as the go to expert, which will make it much more easy for your audience to trust you and turn into paying clients

Jasmijn Vonsee | Videographer based in The Netherlands and Sicily

Higher conversion rate

People are 64% more likely to buy a product online after watching a video. Video creates emotional connections that convert your audience into clients as 95% of our purchase decisions are determined by our subconscious.

Improved social search

Some of the most popular social media platforms favour and are optimised for visual content such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Jasmijn Vonsee | Videographer based in The Netherlands and Sicily

you are:

You know what you want and you don’t mind working hard for it, but lately you feel like the work is just never ending.

When you look around you, other entrepreneurs are talking about “having the freedom they’ve always wanted” and “how running their business is so stress free”. It makes you feel like you are missing out and looking to crack the code to regain the freedom and joy in running your business.

You know that video is the answer.

You’re struggling to get the quality of your videos on point and you are not at all looking forward to spending even more of your time on searching for the perfect film location, figuring out the camera and weeks of editing. 

That’s where we and Sicily come to the rescue!

We’re here to help you master everything there is to know about producing your own high quality videos in just five days! The Sicilian Stories Retreat has been designed to make you work efficiently with personal guidance by professionals, but without feeling overwhelmed. We make sure you will be able to independently produce your own high quality videos that will target your dream clients and make you easily attract revenue, while at the same time making sure you recuperate and relax by having long Sicilian lunches, watching the Mediterranean sea, taking in lots of sunshine and having time to wander small streets and let your creative mind run wild.

What does the Sicilian Stories Retreat entail?

5 days of filming
and editing

We will teach you everything from how to create a video strategy, to shoot high quality footage, to edit with professional software, to move your clients, which settings to use for aesthetically pleasing videos and eventually turn your audience into actual clients. We will also teach you how to present on camera and really share your unique energy with your audience.


We will start every day with lectures on how to create your own high quality videos to then let you get your hands dirty as we believe that the fastest way to learn is by doing. Trial and error while being personal guided and being able to ask us for help whenever you feel stuck is how we will make sure you’ll be an expert on video in no time.

Private studio and romantic alleyways

You will have access to our own studio where you will be able to record your videos at your own speed and in a laid back but aesthetically pleasing environment. Next to that, the picturesque city of Sciacca will be your playground! Wander around and let the beautiful surroundings inspire your next video setting.

Mouthwatering Sicilian lunches and dinners

Our chef Giusi will prepare you (next to the daily fresh and organic breakfasts) the freshest pastas, bruschettas, salads and will bring her local wine and olive oil to go with it.

Luxe design

You will be able to choose from our single or double rooms that are designed with great care and lots of love to make sure you have everything you need to unwind and enjoy your video getaway. 


You will have the option to start your day with a beautiful yoga class to make sure you are relaxed and focused to let your creativity work its magic during the lectures.

Jasmijn Vonsee | Videographer based in The Netherlands and Sicily

What do I get?

4000 euro excl. BTW

3800 euros excl. BTW (early bird price)

“For every entrepreneur who is curious about high Quality video”.

Learn how to produce high quality video content with your phone in just 6 steps, to start positioning yourself as the go to expert and take your business to the next level.