The soulful video Academy

For entrepreneurs with a creative service that want to learn how to produce their own soulful high quality videos to attract more dream clients and dream revenue, the quick and easy way.

are you:


Jasmijn Vonsee | Videographer based in The Netherlands and Sicily


I’m Jasmijn, a video producer that helps creative entrepreneurs create soulful high quality videos the easy way. To make them stand out and attract their dream clients and dream revenue. 

Chasing dreams and turning them into reality is what drives me each and every single day. Helping you experience more freedom by consistently attracting clients who are a 100% convinced of your expertise, through high quality video is what makes me super excited. Every day.

If you’ve ever struggled with the technical side of video and with getting the quality and look & feel of your videos on point and in line with your business, you are exactly where you need to be!

Why start with video now:

Jasmijn Vonsee | Videographer based in The Netherlands and Sicily

Greater credibility and trust

You can really position yourself as the go to expert, which will make it much more easy for your audience to trust you and turn into paying clients

Jasmijn Vonsee | Videographer based in The Netherlands and Sicily

Higher conversion rate

People are 64% more likely to buy a product online after watching a video. Video creates emotional connections that convert your audience into clients as 95% of our purchase decisions are determined by our subconscious.

Improved social search

Some of the most popular social media platforms favour and are optimised for visual content such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Jasmijn Vonsee | Videographer based in The Netherlands and Sicily

are you:


We live in a society where it seems like everyone is running their own business effortlessly, they can travel wherever they want, continuously attract dream clients and live the life they have always desired. Online courses are popping up like daisies and everyone is talking about how important it is to work on your online visibility, with video as the next big thing. 

They seem to be running their own business with so much self confidence, ease and experience. They know exactly what content to produce to attract their dream clients, make them see their value, built trust and doing this in a way that is undeniably pleasing for the eye.

But how?

You know that video could do a lot for you because you want: authenticity, to emotionally connect with your dream clients and share your unique story without feeling that you have to bribe your potential clients with old-fashioned marketing strategies.


You attach great importance to beauty and quality and unfortunately the quality of your videos is not yet on point, so you constantly postpone posting them. You strive for perfection and all the love and attention that goes into your business should be reflected in your videos as well.

Jasmijn Vonsee | Videographer based in The Netherlands and Sicily

Jasmijn to the rescue!

I will help you produce soulful high quality videos, without feeling overwhelmed, to position yourself as the expert that you are and attract the dream clients and dream salary you deserve.


kick off Strategy call

We’ll start by working out a clear video strategy for your business, outline what the purpose of your videos will be and what your goals are.

4x coaching call

I will always be there to help you with any questions you might have during our coaching calls or 24/5 during the week via e-mail.

8 online modules

A simple step by step online course that will teach you everything. The modules will always be accessible for you.

unique filters

You will receive three unique video filters that will instantly take your edits to the next level.


You’ll have access to easy to adjust intro and outro templates that you will learn to customise according to your branding. 

bonus modules

Modules about how to create videos for your Instagram that work and how to create your own online course using video.

Which skills will you develop?

Jasmijn Vonsee | Videographer based in The Netherlands and Sicily

hi there, i'm jasmijn

After hours of figuring out my camera and looking at my videos that were of a quality that made me want to cry, I almost decided that video just wasn’t for me. 

But I now know that I can genuinely connect with my dream clients through video, built a relation of trust by being able to showcase my expertise and genuine enthusiasm when it comes to my trade, save lots of time with running my business and eventually even travel the world and settle down in Sicily.

offers of thousands of euros

I used to run from one appointment to the other, being so fiscally tired from long days of shooting, say yes to anything and everything and work with clients that just didn’t suit me at all. 

I was constantly looking for a way to find more freedom and I eventually found it by letting video work for me in a completely new way. I knew video had the power to move my audience, but I had never before used video to show my potential clients who I am and what I stand for. I finally felt like I was in charge and was able to really connect with my audience and turn them into paying clients in a fraction of the time I used to spend on old fashioned marketing strategies before.

I was able to work remotely, work for clients that I absolutely adored, show my worth and finally dared to charge for my services in a way that actually did me justice. In no time clients agreed to offers of thousands of euros and I got to work with clients that inspired, motivated and understood exactly what I was all about. 

This is the power of video.

Are you ready to experience the power of video too?

What you will get:

Module 1.

We will firstly focus on what makes you absolutely irresistible for your dream clients and what your purpose with video is going to be. Your magic is what will attract your dream clients and what makes you stand out from the crowd!

Module 2. Roadmap

After getting to know more about who you are and what you stand for, we’re going to concretely look at your goals when it comes to: income, your service(s) and dream clients so that we’ll be able to really reach your goals in the shortest amount of time possible (without spending hours on videos that just don’t work for you and your business).

Module 3. Presentation

In this module I will teach you everything on how to own your expertise and personality on camera without feeling ingenue or arrogant. On the contrary, your energy is what is going to help you really connect with your audience.

Module 4.
Content creation

We will look at how you can capture your audience, how to really move them, how successful videos are structured, how to make your audience watch your videos all the way to the end and see you as the go to expert and how to incorporate a clear call to action.

Module 5.

You will learn how to keep your videos looking consistent through all your online channels. Branding is key to make you recognisable and trustworthy because of the quality and consistency it reflects.

Module 6.

The module that we have all been waiting for and in which I will share all my secrets on how to take high quality and aesthetically pleasing shots and what affordable film gear to use to create your own HQ videos. We’ll talk about lighting, sound, styling and camera settings.

Module 7.

I will take you through an editing process that will make producing your videos a walk through the park all the while using professional editing software (without feeling overwhelmed by the technical side of it).

Module 8.

I will show you how to incorporate video in your customer journey in a way that really suits you and your business by thinking outside the box and being creative. Our goal is to give your clients an experience that they will never forget.


You’ll receive three video filters to make your videos look even more high end and instructions on how to use them.

Intro en outro templates

You’ll have access to easy to adjust intro and outro templates that you will learn to customise according to your branding.

online course

How do you plan and shoot your own high quality online course?

video on instagram

Find out how to use video effectively by moving your audience and make your stories, reels and posts look irresistibly beautiful.

Jasmijn Vonsee | Videographer based in The Netherlands and Sicily
“Jasmijn really helped me gain more confidence in making videos and in being an entrepreneur. She took me seriously and she is very social and empathetic. She will listen to your ideas, uses her own creativity and will be very glad to help you if you have any questions. Because of her, I dared to take the leap of faith to start using video within my own company and value myself for what I’m worth.”

Michelle Fesenmeier

social worker

Jasmijn Vonsee | Videographer based in The Netherlands and Sicily


1499 euros excl. BTW

799 euros excl. BTW (Pilot price valid until 1 november 2021)


Do I need a certain camera to participate in the course?

I will give you all the information on equipment that is affordable and will give you the high end look you are going for. That said you are in no way obliged to buy this set-up and you can easily achieve a high end look with your phone as well (I do suggest that your phone should not be more then a couple of years old).

Will I be able to make videos for my social media?

Yes, there is a bonus module about creating effective and high end videos for your Instagram.

For whom is this online course created?

The Soulful Video Academy is created for ambitious entrepreneurs with a creative service who are ready to take their business to the next level.

What if it’s too much money for me right now?

I would never want to pressure you or make you stressed out about money.

But, I do believe This is an investment in yourself.

If you follow the program, you will grow your business and you will grow as an entrepreneur with authority using high quality video. And you will pay off the €800 investment through your growth.

“For every entrepreneur who is curious about high Quality video”.

Learn how to produce high quality video content with your phone in just 6 steps, to start positioning yourself as the go to expert and take your business to the next level.